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  • 3

    Lesson #2: History of Modern-Day Advocacy

    • Video: The Birth of Modern Advocacy

    • Hillary-Care Before Obama-Care

    • The Godfather of Issue Advocacy

    • Harry and Louise: Bureaucrats

    • Harry and Louise: Yes, But

    • "Bill and Hillary" Response: Saturday Night Live

    • Quiz: The Meaning of Harry and Louise

    • Quiz: Why Harry and Louise Was Transformative?

  • 4

    Lesson #3: The Audience—Opinion Leaders

    • Video: The Audience Explained

    • The Audience

    • Do We Listen to Opinion Leaders?

    • Quiz: Opinion Leaders

  • 5

    Lesson #4: The Three Phased Approach

    • Video: Three Phases Explained

    • Summary Chart: The Three Phases

    • Quiz: The Phases

  • 6

    Phase I: Opinion and Message Research

    • Phase I Overview

    • Video: The False Consensus Explained

    • Avoiding the False Consensus

    • Source: Oxford Reference

    • Opinion and Message Development

    • The Two Kinds of Opinion Research: Quantitative and Qualitative

    • Mapping Out Your Opinion Research Plan: Will Gudelunas

    • A Conversation with A Professional Pollster

    • More than Numbers: How Qualitative Research Can Win Elections

  • 7

    Phase II: Building Coalitions and Tactical Development

    • Phase II: Overview of the Elements

    • Video: The Tactics

    • The Tactics Wheel

    • Importance of Coalition Building

    • What Exactly Is Grassroots Politics?

    • How to Target Paid Media

    • Rules In Advertising

    • Quiz: Coalitions

    • Mike Kelley Targeting Expert: Running Smart Digital Campaigns

    • Watch: Advocacy Video (You Will Be Quizzed)

    • Listen: Advocacy Advertisement (You Will Be Quizzed)

    • Quiz: Identify The Core Messages

  • 8

    Phase III: Time to Launch

    • The Final Phase: The Launch

    • Phase III Chart

    • Quiz: The Hard Launch

  • 9

    Lesson #5 Case Study: Legalization of Marijuana

    • Case Study: Colorado Legalization

    • Get it Right

    • Coffee Shop

    • Police Officer Speaks

    • 2011 Quantitative Poll on Legalization

    • Quiz: Legalize Responsibly

  • 10

    Lesson #6: Connecting Facts With Emotion

    • Video: Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain

    • PDF Visual of Left/Right Theory

    • Last Best Chance: Example of Left and Right Brain Connection

    • CBS News: Last Best Chance to Save The World

    • NTI: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

    • Quiz: Left Brain/Right Brain

  • 11

    Lesson #7 Case Study: "Don't Drink That Soda"

    • Mayor Bloomberg's: 16 oz Soda Ban

    • Video Case Study: New Yorkers for Beverage Choice

    • Johnny Slurp

    • Quiz: The Messenger Matters

  • 12

    International Advocacy: Don't Repeat the US Model!

    • Interview: Former Sr. Vice President, International Affairs. GM and Walmart

    • Quiz: Common Cultural Mistakes

    • Quiz: False Consensus and International Advocacy

    • Quiz: How Best To Learn About A Country

    • Quiz: The Common Mistakes

  • 13

    Final Assignment: Constructing an Issue Advocacy Campaign

    • Article: "When Will the Impact of Coronavirus Hit State Budgets?"

    • Article: Penn Capital Star: Covid 19

    • 14 Question and Answer Final Assessment

What is “Issue Advocacy?”

“I’m a doctor.” “I’m a realtor.” “I’m a teacher.” But my answer—“I’m in issue advocacy”—is almost always met with either blank stares or follow-up speculation.