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    1. Introduction to the Course: Video

    2. Lecture and Speaking History: Your Instructor

    3. Forbes Interview with Gerry Gunster, CEO, Gunster Strategies Worldwide

    1. What is Issue Advocacy?

    2. Does Issue Advocacy Work?

    3. Video: "Feel The Heat" Explained

    4. Congressional Perspective

    5. Video: Public Affairs vs. Branding/Marketing

    6. Summary: Advocacy And Product Marketing Are Not The Same

    7. Quiz: Advocacy and Product Marketing

    8. Quiz: "Feel the Heat"

    1. Video: The Birth of Modern Advocacy

    2. Hillary-Care Before Obama-Care

    3. The Godfather of Issue Advocacy

    4. Harry and Louise: Bureaucrats

    5. Harry and Louise: Yes, But

    6. "Bill and Hillary" Response: Saturday Night Live

    7. Quiz: The Meaning of Harry and Louise

    8. Quiz: Why Harry and Louise Was Transformative?

    1. Video: The Audience Explained

    2. The Audience

    3. Do We Listen to Opinion Leaders?

    4. Quiz: Opinion Leaders

    1. Video: Three Phases Explained

    2. Summary Chart: The Three Phases

    3. Quiz: The Phases

    1. Phase I Overview

    2. Video: The False Consensus Explained

    3. Avoiding the False Consensus

    4. Source: American Psychology Association

    5. Opinion and Message Development

    6. The Two Kinds of Opinion Research: Quantitative and Qualitative

    7. Mapping Out Your Opinion Research Plan: Will Gudelunas

    8. A Conversation with A Professional Pollster

    9. More than Numbers: How Qualitative Research Can Win Elections

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What is “Issue Advocacy?”

“I’m a doctor.” “I’m a realtor.” “I’m a teacher.” But my answer—“I’m in issue advocacy”—is almost always met with either blank stares or follow-up speculation.